Governing Council ---

SAMPARC Governing Council is the main decision making body of the organization. The Board takes active part in deciding, monitoring and evaluating all the programs, plans, budget, audit and report to the statutory authority and donors. Member of the Governing Council truly share their skill, knowledge and contacts to strengthen the activities of SAMPARC organization. They always guide to all projects for the purpose of maintaining their responsibility for the stake holders, project developments and the benefit of the beneficiaries. The platform activity work, to keep the transparency by virtues such as honesty, integrity, dedication and selflessness. It mobilizes LOCAL LEVEL MANAGING COMMITTEE to keep control over the project activities, care, and protection of the children.

Governing Council Meetings are held 4 to 5 times in a year along with 1 Annual General Body Meeting. If necessary, Governing Council calls extra ordinary General body meeting or special meeting. Governing Council of SAMPARC takes the responsibility to furnish statutory and mandatory reports to Government authority, Charity Commissioner and Donors.


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    Mr. Anil Singhvi PRESIDENT
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    Mr. M. D. Khattar VICE PRESIDENT
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    Mr. Amitkumar Banerjee FOUNDER DIRECTOR / SECRETARY
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    Rtn. Ajay Argade TREASURER
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    Mrs. Ratna Banerjee FOUNDER TRUSTEE
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    Dr. Lalit Chokhani TRUSTEE
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    Mrs. Kiran Arya TRUSTEE
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    Mrs. Asha Jhunjhunwala TRUSTEE
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    Adv. Vishal Kale TRUSTEE
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    Lion Mr. Arun Sheth TRUSTEE
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    Mr. Kiran Hulavale TRUSTEE
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    Mr. Shashikant Katale TRUSTEE


Sr. No Name Office Held
1 Shri. Amitkumar Banerjee PRESIDENT
2 Late. Shri Vitthal H.Lakhe VICE PRESIDENT
3 Smt. Lata M. Pande SECRETARY
4 Shri Pradeep Lakhe TREASURE
5 Smt. Ratna Banerjee MEMBER
6 Late. Shri Madan Pande MEMBER
7 Shri Abhijit Banerjee MEMBER