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Project Incharge: Ms. Sunita Fulpagare Mob: +91 9766343464

SAMPARC Family Counseling Centre is recognized under Maharashtra State Women’s Commission. The main aim of SAMPARC Family Counseling Centre at Malvali is to create awareness about Domestic Violence, Women’s Rights & other issues related to women & their respective families. This center functions as a service/resource provider to cater to women’s domestic problems. The main purpose of the center is protecting women from domestic violence and also the center gives educational, career counseling and legal advice to women. At the village level, workshops and awareness programs are arranged on various subjects.


Case Study ---


Description of the Beneficiaries: The lady was 32 years old at the time of the beginning of the case. She is from very poor financial background. She used to stay with her mother and younger brother at Village Salumbre, Tal. Maval, Dist. Pune. She worked as unskilled labor at the nurseries near that area. Her brother also works in the same trade.

The Problem: She was an unmarried working lady. She met this guy 14 years ago (In the year 2002). Though the man was married and had family, she started live-in relationship with the man. Eventually she got pregnant and gave birth to a girl child (In the year 2007). She also underwent several abortions before this. In Hospital, the man gave his name as father of the child. But later the problem became the biggest issue in this case. The man did not want to give identity to the newly born girl child. In this particular case, the direct beneficiary is the newly born girl child to achieve her identity and rights from her biological father. After the child was born, the problem began between the girl (the beneficiary) and the man. The man broke the relationship and denied to take their responsibilities. He strongly denied supporting them. He any way was trying to get rid of the newly born girl child as he was previously married and had child. The man used to visit her place and threatened to change the daughter’s name – not to use his name as middle name of the girl. It became the topic of gossiping in that village and the lady was tagged as bad woman. In such situation, the lady was advised to approach the Counselor of SAMPARC Family Counseling Centre.

Other involved authorities: Gram Sevika, Anganwadi Sevika, Anganwadi Supervisor, Police, Court, Govt. Legal Aid, Protection Officer along with Counselor of SAMPARC Family counseling Centre.

Activities of SAMPARC Family counseling Centre: Counselor listened to the entire case and understood. Made the proper documentation and application for complaint. Sent notice to the man (opposite party) for meeting and negotiation. The man did not respond. Again notice was sent by hand of Anganwadi Supervisor. The man came and described his view – SAMPARC counselor documented and told him to sign. But the man denied signing on the document. The man denied fatherhood of that little girl and also denied having relation with our beneficiary. One joint session was called by the counselor where both the parties were present. The man along with his legal wife attended the session. The beneficiary lady came with her little daughter. The session was failed and there was no conclusion. The legal wife of the accused man used to be the SARPANCH of that village. She gave statement that, her husband is innocent, the lady is disturbing them for money – the lady is the culprit. Our counselor started telephonic counseling and told them about the legal aspects of the case and what can be done on behalf of the little girl against the man. There was several individual session – the beneficiary got emotional support and also got advice for the next step to achieve the rights. After several sessions, the man agreed to provide financial support but his condition was to remove his name from the little girl’s name. But SAMPARC counselor advised him for regular financial support and also for identity of the girl child. With the effort of SAMPARC Counselor, the man was convinced to the same. For one month, it was very normal situation. But after one month, the problem started again – the man started to threat again not to support them and not to let them use his name as middle name. Then it was decided to register the case in the court. SAMPARC Counselor did all the documentation and filed the case in the court in January, 2015. She also arranged for Govt. Legal Aid. The case went for 1 year and the judgment came out in February, 2016. SAMPARC counselor took regular follow-up of the case.

Conclusion: The judgment was in favor of the beneficiary that, the accused man is the father of the girl child and she is entitled his name as middle name. She will also receive Rs.3000/- monthly for regular expenditure.

Outcome: It is the success of SAMPARC Family Counseling Centre helped the Lady and her girl child to achieve their identity along with financial aid.



Since 2006, the project has benefited more than 1000 families and 349 cases registered at our center. Since beginning, approx. 62 workshops have been conducted for premarital counseling for the adolescent rural girls to make them understand the issues of domestic violence, their rights and laws in favor of them.



4000 Women Were enlightened from the women rights, legal literacy camps & awareness programme. They understood various legal provisions while approaching the Police Stations and Courts and Family Counseling Centers. They know various Acts like Dowry Act, Domestic Violence Act, and Child Marriage Act , etc., They are aware on women issues including health issues. These women were able to organize and fight against violence. Whenever they find any such issue of domestic violence they immediately refer the case to SAMPARC Family Counseling Centre. The role and life styles of these women developed positively in family, economically, socially and politically. Near about 55-60% cases solved too mutually through counseling.



Awareness campaigns reaching 5000 men and women in Maval taluka, Dist.Pune with the message of equality, rights, empowerment and development. Participation in all major campaigns related to laws regarding violence against women, especially dowry & dowry related violence, rape, sexual abuse at work place, panchayat raj. SAMPARC Counselor is Member of Sexual harassment of women at work place committee in reputed organization. SAMPARC Counselor is appointed as a District co-ordinator at Pune from Maharashtra state commission for women. Under preventive services Family Counseling Centre organized awareness generating programms with Anganwadi workers and other community people. The centre provided many Government schemes to beneficiary.


The Counselor with the purpose to solve her cases does regular Networking, attends and conducts meetings to create awareness about the services of the centre and also conducts field visits, home visits. Also, the Counselor coordinates training programs conducted by SAMPARC for the benefit of rural youth and women.

SAMPARC Counseling Centre at Malavli, Taluka Maval, Dist. Pune functions as a service /resource provider for women to solve domestic problems. Counselor of this center visits various villages to create awareness about Domestic Violence, Women’s Rights & other issues related to women & their respective families. SAMPARC also encourage the women to take help of the counseling centre to resolve the family conflict.