Journey of SAMPARC

SAMPARC Brief History 1990-2016

SAMPARC was started with a very humble purpose to give a new identity to the orphan, destitute and children of sex workers to grow under community umbrella. SAMPARC is a brainchild of Shri Amitkumar Banerjee who realized that an organization needs to be started so that children should not be identified as children of sex workers or orphans or as a destitute child. With this sole purpose SAMPARC was started in 1990 at the footsteps of famous Bhaje Caves with 7 orphan children near Lonavla.

With a clear vision in mind and determination in hearts, Shri Amitkumar Banerjee and meticulously worked towards the up liftment of socially marginalized children and women. Each step taken was aimed towards developing physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of orphan, destitute and needy children. But he had to face many difficulties; many times, remained starved but appealed for the orphan children. Their strong will power, determination and will to work hard helped to overcome all the obstacles and build strong foundation of SAMPARC to march forward and serve more orphan, poor and needy children.


There were times when he spent his hard earned money from his own pockets and sometimes he did not fulfill his own children’s wish to serve the orphan children. Children in SAMPARC never even realized that they were orphan as they received parentally love and affection from Mr.Banerjee took responsibility of their education and the children were bought up in such a way that now many of them are settled in their lives. Today some of the children are holding good position in big organization and many of the girls are married and living happily. All this has been possible only because of Founder Mr. Amitkumar Banerjee.

SAMPARC now supports 650 children and has spread all over India. This has been possible because of the strong work of SAMPARC Board of Trust. SAMPARC always aim in the endeavor of serving the society and making a difference in the lives of poor and destitute children. When SAMPARC was started Shri. K.K.Singhvi, Smt.Pushpa Singhvi, Dr.Lalit Chokhani, Dr.A.M.Soman, Dr. Manda Soman, Shri V.H.Lakhe, Shri.Pradeep Lakhe, Rtn.Ajay Argade, Shri.Madan Pande, Smt. Ratna Banerjee, Smt. Lata Pande and like the work and stood with SAMPARC as a pillar of strength during all rough times and ensured that SAMPARC overcomes all the difficulties and moves forward.

Today we have a strong Board of Trust who are Mr.Anil Singhvi, Top Corporate Personnel, Mrs.Kiran Arya Chairperson Ruchika Women’s Club, Mumbai, Dr.Mukund Bhole are with SAMPARC Board of Trust is the result of good coordination by Shri. Banerjee.

Overall the village, Bhaje from where SAMPARC started from a small mud house with seven children now known as All India Children’s Organisation. The National Child Welfare Award by Government of India is the recognition of the work of SAMPARC. Today it is working with 14 Project Incharge and 134 staff (full time and Part time).

SAMPARC has also been supported strongly by Mr.Ramesh Kacholia, Mr.M.D.Khattar, EdelGive Foundation, Mrs.Lucilla Monti, Mr.Rajiv Kapoor, Adv.Parag Erande, Mr.Kanahaya, Mr.Balasaheb Chitale, Justice Dhanuka, Justice Jhunjhunwala, as advisors to run the organization along with the help of Donors, Funding Agencies and Government. Mr.Dilip Prabhawalkar, Mrs.Tanuja Mukherjee, Ms.Sharvari Jamenis, Mr.Swapnil Joshi all famous personnel from Film Industry are also associated with SAMPARC.


SAMPARC received guidance and advice from senior and experienced person like Shri.K.K.Singhvi who is a senior advocate in Supreme Court, who accepted to be the President of SAMPARC to support Shri. Banerjee.

Dr. Shri and Smt. Soman had accepted the responsibility to take care of health aspects of the children and to create health awareness among women. The family of Shri.Lakhe allowed SAMPARC to run its Registered Office in their house. Shri. Pradeep Lakhe gave his guidance in financial matters. Mr.Madan Pande supported Mrs. Lata Pande because of which she was able to spend and devote her time to develop SAMPARC Mrs. Ratna Banerjee took complete responsibility of one of the children’s home name Bhaje, helped Mr.Banerjee to concentrate and work towards the development of SAMPARC. Her experience and valuable personal guidance to the house mother and staff has always helped SAMPARC to overcome many difficulties.

Brief Summary of The Journey Mr. Amitkumar Banerjee, his team and his work of Samparc


SAMPARC was started by Mr. Amitkumar Banerjee & Ms. Lata Pande officially on 1st January 1990 without any financial help either from Government or any other source. Balsadan was started in a small rented house in village Bhaje with 7 orphan children.

Started Pre-primary school for 125 children between age group of 3-5 years from nearby villages of Bhaje, Lohgad, and Gherevadi. Modestly educated women from the villages were taken as teachers to teach these children.

5 staff joined the SAMPARC to work without salary.


Received License from State Government of Maharashtra to run Balsadan for 20 children.

Tried hard for 1 year to get permission to purchase a piece of land near Bhaje caves and constructed a mud house.

Started Health Education Program on topics like Women’s Health, Nutrition, Drinking Water, kitchen garden and health awareness program which was benefited by 200 children and 100 villagers.

There was severe shortage of Water; a successful bore well was laid which benefited not only the children in Bhaje Balgram but also the villagers during summer.

Under Central Government Scheme a 1 year course of Bamboo Cane Training was taken which benefited 25 boys and girls who were taught to make products out of Bamboo Cane.

Took training of Agarbatti making for 40 women from Lohagad.

After overcoming many obstacles permission was granted for first RCC construction of Kalyan Bal sadan in Bhaje.


Received another permission for 20 children and the strength of children increased to 40 children.

SAMPARC carried non formal educational program for 178 cowherd children & brought all these children under the level of 5th standard & subsequently provided them with Vocational Training.

SAMPARC received FCRA registration from Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt of India.

The IGSS helped SAMPARC to conduct training for Health Community worker and Women Empowerment.

Planted 35000 saplings with the help of villagers and started the work on environment regeneration.


Conducted first health Camp which was benefitted by 600 families. Organized cataract operation camp and post operation care.

Created abundant resources for 400 women from 6 villages by establishing Mahila Mandal, a platform through various social issues like, legal laws, child marriage, preventing alcohol issues. They were addressed along with small skill oriented training awareness was conducted.

Rigoures training on Agriculture conducted for small and marginal farmers and for exposure and extra knowledge they were taken to ideal village Ralegan Siddhi.

To increase the capacity of staff and youth, SAMPARC Conducted 6 pre-primary training courses, 5 Bal Bhavan training, 4 informal education training, training for staff of 4 Balgrams and also conducted Participatory Research Appraisal for staff of SAMPARC.

SAMPARC started first Vocational Training Centre in rented house at Patan Village.

The second RCC home was constructed which helped accommodation of 60 children.

SAMPARC received permission from Income Tax Department to issue 100% tax exemption on donation under 35 AC.


A full-fledged focus on women empowerment programme was started by SAMPARC and formed 9 SHG’s in Bhaje and 5 SHG’s in 5 villages near Vandra.

Awareness camp in Vandra village on Women’s Rights, Women’s Health was conducted along with Pre-Primary school in 5 villages.

150 children from 4 centers were benefitted through Balbhavan and camps, competitions and picnics which were organized for children.

Conducted Folk songs, and folk dance competitions which helped women to come closer to SAMPARC.

Vocational Training Centre from Bhaje was shifted to Malavli and training on Electric Wireman and Welding along with soft toy making was started.

Pushpa Sadan was constructed at Bhaje Balgram

SAMPARC became a Member of AFARM.

Smt. Lata Pande received the FICCI Award for her devoted work with rural women.


600 women came together and started 14 SHG’s. Loan was given to 170 women and a transaction of 2 lakhs was completed.

Two Balsadan’s and overhead water tank were constructed.

VTC hall in Bhaje was constructed for conducting training programs along with Kitchen and Dining Hall for organizing camps.


Discussion on Child Rights was organized in Bhaje in which UNICEF, CANSAVE, Government Department and Social organizations participated.

Organised get together of 200 women from different fields and conducted various workshops on rights of the women.

70 Gunta land was purchased in the backside of Bhaje Balgram which was used for cultivating Rice, fruits and vegetables

Preparing and distributing Auyervedic medicines was started


SAMPARC started its second center in Bhambarde in a rented hostel for 23 boys and girls of 8th, 9th and 10th class belonging to nearby villages to help them to go to school.

On 24th March 1998, Government of India awarded SAMPARC the “National Child Welfare Award’’ by the hands of President of India, Shri K. R. Narayanan and it was received by President of SAMPARC Shri K. K. Singhvi.

Purchased a land in Bhambarde to construct a Hostel.

1200 women from 26 villages joined Women Empowerment program.


Organised a training program for 500 women in which they were given training by Bank Officials on Saving Schemes and Small Scale Industries.

Constructed a small bridge near the waterfall area in Bhaje.

Constructed School & hostel at Bhambarde.


SAMPARC started its third center in new Balgram for 20 children in a rented house in Poynad, Alibag district.

SAMPARC started its forth center in a small place in Shel-Pimpalgaon, near Chakan.

Women empowerment spread to 40 villages in which training, setting up business, running a SHG, and developing villages through SHG had started. Women of SHG’s started their women Credit Society.

Bhambarde hostel was started with 16 students and around 60-70 students from nearby villages started to attend coaching classes on Saturday and Sunday in Bhambarde Hostel.

8 Centre’s of pre-primary school was started in Bhambarde which benefitted 160 children.

Under the women Empowerment programme training on kitchen garden was given to 105 house members of Bhaje and Bhambarde areas.

SAMPARC started its first small Medical Centre at Bhambarde and one Doctor was appointed to visit nearby villages and to distribute Medicines to patients.

Nanhi Kali Program was started in which girls from nearby villages were given school uniform, stationary and all education material.


SAMPARC expanded its first center out of Maharashtra and started Balgram in a rented house for 25 children in Gujarat for earthquake affected children.

Seema from Bhaje Balgram got an opportunity to learn French for 1 year from University of France, with the help of her sponsor.

To develop health of villager’s, dental check- up and vaccination of Mother and Child was conducted in Maval and Mulshi Taluka.

A small medical center Medical Centre and office was constructed at Bhaje Balgram.

SAMPARC Started first 8th Class in Bhambarde School.


SAMPARC Purchased land to build a school & hostel in Bhambarde.

Book Bank was started for poor children in Bhaje.

Senior children from Bhaje after completing their higher education and vocational training got employed in different fields. These children were first generation children of SAMPARC Balgram. Many children are doing either nursing course or different courses in Colleges.

Mr. Amitkumar Banerjee received the ‘Garware Balbhavan Award’ for his outstanding contribution in the field of child welfare and development

Mr. Amit Kumar Banerjee received the ‘Rajiv Gandhi Award’ at district level from Rajiv Gandhi Vichar Manch, Pune for his contribution in Child Welfare Activities.

SAMPARC Bhaje Balgram received the ‘Samajik Seva Puraskar’ from Shree Datta Mandir Trust.

SAMPARC Poynad Balgram received the ‘Samajik Seva Puraskar’ by Shree Bhakta Pant Mandal, Pezari, dist. Raigad for its devoted contribution in the field of child development.


Started new primary school at Bhaje which helped to develop the I.Q and general knowledge of the children. They also started to learn computers and were able to learn 2 languages at a time.

Smt. Lata Pande received the ‘Saraswati Samajseva Gauravpatra by Bhagini Nivedita Pratishthan

To reserve the rain water for school & hostel at Bhambarde SAMPARC constructed Check Dam.


Bhambarde school and Hostel from 8th -10th class was started. First batch of 10th class students attended Board Exam.

SAMPARC started Ankur program in Latur district to support an organization to give best services to orphan & needy children.

Smt. Lata Pande received the ‘Samajgaurav Puraskar’ by Tukdoji Maharaj Pratisthan for her committed and continuous contribution in the field of child welfare.

SAMPARC Constructed 2 new balsadans in Poynad which helped to accommodate more 30 children.


2 Days seminar was conducted for development of residential children which was inaugurated by Shri. Patangrao Kadam.

During this year 5 senior children of SAMPARC Balgram were married.

A place was purchased in Pune in Shaniwarpeth for accommodating senior college going children.

Started balsadan in a rented house for children of commercial sex workers at Behla in Kolkata.

SAMPARC Balgram Anjar, Gujrat received 2 awards from Government of Gujrat and Local Institute for working for uppftment of earthquake affected children.

Bhambarde Gramin Vidya Vikas Kendra was awarded the “Best School” in Mulshi taluka

SAMPARC procured piece of land at Malvap.


SAMPARC started the construction of small medical center and VTC at Malvap Center.

SAMPARC got a project named Bal Asha Ghar from India Sponsorship Committee. A center for the rehabiptation of children of sex workers.

SAMPARC has been honored with the “Late Jayantrao Tilak Smruti Puraskar” by Kesari-Maratha Trust, Pune.

Two senior children of SAMPARC were married during this period.


Facilities for X-Ray, E.C.G. and Operation Theatre for conducting minor operations were added in the Medical Centre.

One Medical Mobile Van was started which visits 25 rural interior villages to give medical facilities.

Organised Mahila Melava for women of 40 villages.

SAMPARC Shel-Pimpalgaon Balgram was inaugurated.

Completed construction of 4 new classrooms in Bhambarde.

Formation of Local Level Managing Committee to take responsibility and manage the Project.

SAMPARC received “Gaurav Puruskar” by Solapur Dharasavi Mandal.


SAMPARC started Housing Project for the poor women’s beneficiaries of SHG with financial assistance from Ex- President of America Mr. Jimmy Carter and Habitat for Humanity.

SAMPARC started Engpsh medium school for the education of children of surrounding villages at Housing Project, Patan.

With the help of CAPART Shallow Well Project for the village Ghutka, near Bhambarde was undertaken where 10 wells were dug for Small and marginal farmers.

Free legal advice and Family Counsepng Centre was started for women suffering from domestic violence.

Started Basic Agricultural training center for youth and farmers of nearby villages of Bhambarde.


SAMPARC started a project for neglected children of the stone quarry workers in Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

SAMPARC is going to start children’s hopday home at Ganpatipule and for this purpose about ½ acre of land has been procured on April 27th 2009.

Started Community Education Support program for 110 children in Anjar, Gujarat.

Inauguration of SAMPARC VTC Hostel which was built to accommodate 100 students in Malvap.

SAMPARC received “ Ahimsa Puruskar for service to mankind by Bhgawan Mahavir Ahimsa Trust, Pune


SAMPARC started Balgram for 30-40 orphan children in Goa.

SAMPARC started Vocational Training Centre at Pune for uppftment of poor and economically backward youth.

Looking at the need of small hospital for at least 14 beds SAMPARC has taken up construction of Hospital at Malavp

SAMPARC received 1 acre land in Jodhpur to build a Balgram.


Constructed Jodhpur Balgram at Village Gangani to accommodate 50 stone quarry children of Rajasthan.

SAMPARC Medical Center added one more Mobile Medical unit to cover more 18 village of Maval Taluka, Pune Dist.

SAMPARC intervened livelihood project started the work on Ailla Cyclone affected community of 5 villages of West Bengal.


A new building for senior boys’ children constructed in Ganpatipule.

SAMPARC Jodhpur center started community education support program in Gangani Village.

SAMPARC Anjar Balgram started Community education support programme in 3 slums of Anjar City.


To accommodate 150 orphan & needy girls of different orphanages in Maharashtra, an after care home for girls was constructed at SAMPARC Malvali Center.

SAMPARC constructed 4 more classrooms in Bhambarde to run Jr. College.


SAMPARC started a unique project for the upliftment of tribal children and community under tribal development project in 28 villages of Mulshi Taluka.

Oxfam joined the hands of SAMPARC to work on RTE project in 7 schools of Bhambarde area.

SAMPARC intervene in quality education through ABL (Activity Based Learning) and supported 680 students of Nagar District.

SAMPARC started integrated project in 10 villages of Beed district of Maharashtra.

A separate Girls VTC was constructed at Malvali Center.

SAMPARC started to promote Netball International Game in Maharashtra.

Mr. Amitkumar Banerjee received “Mourya Gosavi Award” for special contribution towards the care and protection of orphan and destitute children.


SAMPARC completed the construction of Girls Hostel, at Bhambarde to accommodate 100 children.

SAMPARC conducted leadership training for 225 minority women of Pune District.

SAMPARC started Counseling service for slow learner children and increased the capacity of 41 schools’ teachers on child phycology and behavior.

SAMPARC started capacity building training for staff of 700 residential institutes in Maharashtra.

SAMPARC netball team won national level tournament on Netball at Kerla.

Mrs. Ratna Banerjee received “Ahilyabai Holkar Award” By Women and Child Development Department. Govt of Maharashtra.


SAMPARC started its another VTC for girls at Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

SAMPARC completed the construction of three sadan at Bhaje Balgram to accommodate 60 children.

SAMPARC expanded its West Bengal activities and intervened in Community education support and livelihood programme in four district of West Bengal.

SAMPARC VTC center various job oriented course under training center and ensured 100% placement of rural poor students.

SAMPARC started a mass level digital (Computer) literacy drive and trained more than 1200 students of Pune district.


SAMPARC completed construction of New Vocational Training Centre at Malavli. The VTC centre will now help to extend skill development support to empower more poor rural school dropouts to become employed in the nearby industries or to be self-employed.

SAMPARC Heritage Walk-Glory of Maharashtra , organized on 27th November 2016, attended by 3000 participants for the cause to support SAMPARC orphan and needy children and to enlist Bhaje caves, karla caves, Bedse caves Visapur & Lohagad fort in the World Heritage List.

Children from SAMPARC Bal Asha Ghar Children’s Home Arvind Gurum & Ganesh Langote bagged Gold Medal in Open State level Taekwondo Competition.

4 Girl Students from SAMPARC Grameen Vidyavikas Kendra, Bhambarde represented Maharashtra State Netball Team and bagged 3rd Position at National Level.